Bergen’s first International Animated Film Festival 2017, aims to find and bring together the best of Scandinavian and international animation in one place to let us enjoy and reflect on the new animated artistic creations in any of its variations and techniques. The festival wants to be a meeting point and a point of reference, a modern concept, based on interconnection with other festivals in a way never seen in Norway so far.

The call for submissions is international and it involves students and professionals regardless of their nationality and country of residence. The animation works must have been completed within the year 2016.

1. PARTICIPANTS: Individuals who have the rights to the finished material can be individuals or collectives, producers, directors or animators. Every participant can send a maximum of 3 short films. 

2. INSCRIPTION FORM: All participants must send an e-mail with the following information: Full name, age, country, title of the short film (max 15 – 20 min), technique, 2 stills, a brief synopsis of the story and an online link to view the films.

3. SELECTION: After watching all the works sent for competition, a jury will publish a list with the works selected to compete in the festival’s official selection. We will contact all selected authors and ask them to send us a download link to the short film via WeTransfer or Dropbox. The required resolution for the screening is 1080p, 25fts HD. The deadline to send us the link to the selected short films is 10 days after our contact e-mail was sent. The deadline is strict; if the link is not received the selected film will be disqualified, as we will understand that you do not want to participate anymore.

4. DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION: Works will be received from March 1st to July 20th, 2017.

5. ADMITTED WORKS: It is not necessary that the works are unpublished. We will accept works of the following techniques: 2D and 3D animation, experimental animation and animated video clips. All works must include credit titles. Works with dialogues in a language other than English must be translated into it.

6. AWARDS: As this is the first ReAnima edition, all contestants will be awarded with a selection certificate at the festival and the winners will receive a certificate stating their respective place. The certificate will be sent to you if you cannot be present at the festival to collect it.

7. PARTICIPANTS’ RIGHTS: The festival organizers assume that those who send the works to the contest own the rights on the material. For this reason ReAnima does not take on any responsibility derived from a possible case of plagiarism. The authors of the selected works cede their work and its rights for its screening, reproduction and diffusion within the framework of Bergen’s first International Animated Film Festival ReAnima as well as in its itinerant screenings. Our purpose will always be promoting the Author and their work, without gaining any profit. The authors have the right to ask where and when their short films are screened.

8. PARTICIPATION IN THE FESTIVAL: The contestants fully accept the present rules and for any doubts in their interpretation the criterion of ReAnima will prevail. The contestant expressly waives the jurisdiction that may correspond to him accepting the courts and tribunals of Bergen, Norway as the sole and competent to resolve any claim. ReAnima reserves the right to suspend the festival due to force majeure. Organizers reserve the right to modify these rules due to external causes that imply a modification of some of the structural elements. For any doubt that derives from the present rules you can reach us at the following e-mail address:

After these boring rules, send your shortfilms:
¡We will be happy to watch everything you send!