About us

We are an enterprising and professional group working in cinema, animation, culture, academia and digital marketing. By using our experiences in the animated world, we want to help create a wider audience that can enjoy and understand what animated art is all about. As we organize ReAnima International Animation Festival, embracing novelty, variety and international influences are our means to achieve our goals.

Festival Director and Program Director

Kropka (aka J.S. Álvarez) is a script writer for cinema, television and animation. In recent years, he has been specializing in and writing about international animation. Since 2013, he has organized and curated various animation events around the world involving festivals as different and diverse as: Etiuda & Anima, Stoptrik, Animateka, Animasivo and Animafest, among others. He has given diverse lectures about animation, and was a member of the jury in the Animateka Festival in 2017. In addition, he has organized a small European distribution circuit for the Mexican Animasivo festival and other individual screenings in cultural centres, achieving a collaboration between several festivals for the sake of the big passion that unites them all – animation.

It is perhaps this independent and outside-the-rules spirit that made him seriously consider founding ReAnima in Bergen. He believes that the ReAnima festival is a cultural and artistic channel for bringing new perspectives and helping us to understand and maintain a dialogue with the global environment in our times.

Kropka (aka J.S. Álvarez)

Head of Production

Simon Furdal is a stop motion animator and artist based in Bergen. He has animated and created props for films such as Hakkebakkeskogen (In the Forest of Huckybucky, 2016) and the Solan og Ludvig-trilogy (Luis and Luca, 2013, 2015 and 2018), for Qvisten Animation AS.

Simon is currently working on several projects in Bergen and Oslo as an animator, puppet creator and painter.

Simon collaborated with ReAnima as an animator and a volunteer worker in the autumn of 2018, and joined ReAnima as an official festival team member in August of 2019.

Simon Furdal

Producer and Speaker

Ingvild Abildgaard Jansen has loved animation for as long as she can remember. Early in life, she realized that she didn’t want to be an animator herself, yet her passion and respect for animation as a medium only continued to grow. Born and raised in Bergen, Ingvild wished for more animation-related activities in her hometown. When she discovered ReAnima in 2017, she wanted to contribute to the festival with her knowledge of animation and her practical experiences from editorial work, office work, seminar leadership, student organizations and other festivals. Ingvild officially joined the festival team in January of 2018.

Ingvild has a bachelor’s degree in Cultural Studies and Social Science from the University of Bergen, with a specialization in Japan and the Japanese language. This degree included a year abroad at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto. She also has a master’s degree in Media Studies from the University of Bergen. Ingvild wrote her Media Studies bachelor’s thesis on the evolution of the Norwegian animation industry, and she wants to do more research on animation. Her other interests within the field of media studies include media representation, podcasting, documentary films, freedom of speech, freedom of information, and the future of media technology. Currently, she’s working as a research assistant at the University of Bergen.

During ReAnima 2018, Ingvild held a lecture on the Norwegian animator Inni Karine Melbye (1937 – 2018), who was one of the most important figures in Norwegian animation history. During ReAnima 2019, Ingvild plans to do a lecture on Norwegian animation history from 1913 to 2019.

Ingvild Abildgaard Jansen

Previous ReAnima Festival Team Members

Organization Director (2017 – 2019)

Solveig Øybekk Paasche is one of the two founders of ReAnima International Film Festival; the other founder is J.S. Álvarez. They started ReAnima together in 2017. She has also been one of ReAnima’s most enthuastic team members, and has worked very hard to build the festival.

Solveig was the first Organization Director for ReAnima. Simon Furdal took over this position in the autumn of 2019, because Solveig wanted to focus on her studies in expressive arts therapy. The position title of Organization Director has now been changed to Head of Production.

Solveig was born and raised in Bergen. She has a degree in Visual Arts obtained at Sunnhordland Folk High School, Intercultural Understanding obtained at NLA University College, and she has graduated as a disability nurse. Her educational background reflects her desire and need to make personal contributions to society. Through her work, Solveig realized that creativity can be a good tool for disabled people to express their feelings and emotions. This is why she wants to continue studying expressive arts therapy. Furthermore, she is highly committed to promoting international animation.


Solveig Øybekk Paasche